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Colour Toners

The Valspar Industrial Mix Tinting System offers the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. From one set of universal tints and technology specific binders, you can mix a full spectrum of commercial vehicle and specialist colours in all binder technologies.
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VIM offers multiple binder technologies to suit your needs. The Valspar Industrial Mix Universal Intermix Tinting system means you can tint multiple binders with the one set of tints, allowing you the flexibility of different binder systems without the cost or storage of multiple sets of mixing colours.
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VIM offers a range of versatile primers providing simple and practical priming solutions. As the foundation to the entire coating system, our primers are designed to offer outstanding adhesion and protection. The primer range consists of multiple binder technologies including polyurethane, epoxy, zinc rich and synthetic.
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VIM clears coats are designed to further enhance and protect the topcoats for high specification applications or where graffiti protection is a must.
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VIM uses a range of both multi-purpose and product specific activators to provide you with a balance of simplicity and optimum performance.
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VIM uses a range of both multi-purpose and product specific reducers with a variety of speed options in the RS range to provide you with enhance application flexibility across different environmental conditions.
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Additional Products

The range of cleaners and ancillary products in the VIM product portfolio ensure you will have all the tools required for any job you do.
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